About us

Our Story

Piano Crisalide was born in 2021 as a natural continuation of our search for beautiful and precious things.
The re-discovery of Franco’s designs, created for fabrics of Italian luxury fashion companies in the 1960s, was a thunderbolt for us.
Immediately we set out to make modern products that have in their essence and colors atmospheres reminiscent of the craftsmanship of drawing, ethnic and sea suggestions present in the personal history of the artist and, always, a vintage taste of other times. 
We are a small Italian family business.
We are Ugo and Uma, together with Emma and Elia.

our mission

All the original designs that you can find in this store have been hand-painted by an Italian artist in the ’60s, mainly for fabrics of Italian luxury companies.
The designs offered in this store are a rarity and the goal of Piano Crisalide is to bring them to the attention of the public using them in a different and creative way and make them accessible to all.
Here in Piano Crisalide the future and the past are together because we believe that both are important to live our present to the fullest.
Buy for yourself or give pieces of art from the past reinterpreted in a modern way.
All products are produced on demand in the production site that is closer to the final destination. In this way we are proudly offering Eco-Friendly and Slow-Fashion products to our clients.
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